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Heads up: GitHub Discussions and Feature Requests

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Hey all! Thanks to feedback from our Open Source(OSS) community, the Forem Creator community, and internally we have decided to open GitHub Discussions on our forem/forem repository.

What is GitHub Discussions?

GitHub has said GitHub Discussions is a collaborative communication forum for the community around an open source project.

Why GitHub Discussions? has been a home for our Forem community to discuss new features. When we first moved feature requests to our community consisted mainly of OSS contributors and a few Forem creators.

Over time our community here has grown and we have welcomed many more Forem creators. We are excited this larger community is here and want to continue using as a place to discuss Forem, ask for help, share what you are working on and more. However, as the community has grown the feature requests have been lost under other helpful content.

Features are a collaborative effort between all departments in our company, especially Product and Engineering, and our community. It is currently hard to get these important feature requests in front of all of the stakeholders for approval and work. Our engineers and product team work in GitHub daily and have more visibility there.

To improve this process, we will now transition to using GitHub discussions as our new feature request workflow.

How About Feature Requests Here?

You do not need to move current feature request posts from to GitHub discussions.
Our Head of Product, Jennie Ocken, and I will be going through all of the feature request posts here. We will do one of two things:

  • We will turn the feature request post into a GitHub discussion for the author of the post and link them to it in the comments section.
  • We will determine that the feature request is not something we will work on and let the author of the post know.

If you have a new feature request please add it as a discussion on Forem’s GitHub Discussions.

What Content Will I Continue to Find on will continue to be a helpful place for Forem Creators to ask for help, discuss what they are doing and ask questions about Forem’s features. The primary posts for the last few months have been around these topics.

In addition, we will continue to post changelogs and updates about the features and functionality of Forem to In the future, we will post roadmap updates and upcoming feature announcements to

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you.

Note: If you need any help getting started on GitHub Discussions please reach out to me (@coffeecraftcode ) and I will be happy to assist you!

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