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🪵 April Changelog Rollup 🌯

Hello there happy Forem Creators!

April was a month packed with big ships and sprinkled with some smaller ones. A lot of those bigger entities are still very much in motion, so we hope this short summary of some of the dinghies will satisfy your cravings for now...

Accessibility Improvements

Creator Tools

Creator Tools Highlight: Custom Profile Fields

As I promised @tmedivh in March, custom profile fields are now here! Head to /admin/customization/config and look for Profile Fields in the navigation menu. 🎉 Some things to note:

  • Groups are the section headers you'll see your custom fields organized under on a user's profile.
  • Hit the Toggle button to expand any Group and view the custom fields inside it. You can manage each field fully from within itself.

Admin Dashboard


Feed Experiments


Site errors


User Experience

That's it! There is so much more we are so excited to share with y'all over the coming month(s), and we hope that these gems tide you over until the next time!

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