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Changelog: Listings turning into an extension

Hello, Forem Creators!

To make sure our admin toolkit is accessible and intuitive to our Creators and admins, we have been looking at where we can reduce noise from the admin interface.

We have lots of features that our flagship Forem, DEV, uses extensively, but they are not always useful and sometimes even confusing to our Creators. Listings is one of them. We understand every Forem is different and has different needs, so we decided to turn Listings into an extension.

By default Forem extensions are off, but Forem Creators may toggle them on.

When does this take place?

How does this affect my Forem?

We plan to merge this PR on Apr 11. If you don't take the following step to keep Listings enabled, they will be automatically turned off the next time your Forem is updated after the code merge. Everything related to Listings will be hidden.

What would happen to my Listings?

I want to keep using this feature!

No sweat! To ensure uninterrupted service of Listings, just enable it via /admin/advanced/extensions before Apr 11. Once you save the change, you are all set.

Oops. I missed the deadline

What happened to my existing Listings? Can I turn the feature back on?

Of course! All existing Listings are only hidden, not deleted. Once you turn it back on, Listings will be back up and your community members will be able to create Listings again.

What if I change my mind on Listings?

Go back to /admin/advanced/extensions and toggle on or off the display of the Listings feature.

That's it!

We hope with our continuous effort of improving the admin interface, you’ll find it easier to manage your Forem. Do let us know if you have any questions or feedback via the comments down below!

Update: The code has been merged successfully! Do check if your Forem is functioning as expected after the change, and let us know if you encounter any issues.

Discussion (2)

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Rayan Nait Mazi

Perfect, listings was a feature I was "hiding" because it didn't make much sense for us yet. I think it's better once the community is larger. Thank you :)

amyatforem profile image
Amy Lin Author

I am glad you find this helpful, @rayan! ☺️