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Let's Discuss #2! A Roundup of Feature Requests

Here is a round up of the newest feature requests on

Note: As a community we have encouraged users to come to to ask for help or make a feature request. If you see a feature request you would also like to see implemented, please take a moment to leave a reaction or a comment on the original post and let us know!

RTL Support

Forem does not currently render right to left (RTL) languages properly. This is a request to add support.

Add Date Field to GET Followers API Endpoint

This is a request for more API features. Particularly, a feature to be able to filter the API endpoint based on a follow date query parameter.

Auto-Save for Any New Draft Post

Forem currently has a browser based auto-save that happens via LocalStorage. However, we don’t have an auto save that saves into the database.

Filter Posts by Draft/published in Dashboard

This is a request to have the ability to filter personal posts by draft/published.

Add Online Version of the Offline Page

The DEV Forem recently removed its offline page.

This is a request to designate the /offline page to an online version for nostalgia and doodling purposes.

Customizing Welcome Description

A request to have an option to customize the full text of a Forem’s welcome description from admin settings Config > Community Content.

Add Option for YouTube Icon

This is a request to have the option to add the YouTube icon to the footer of Forems. footer

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ildi profile image

Auto-Save for any new draft post will be very useful. I have experienced the same issue as Jayendran before. Would be great to avoid such mistakes!

I also really like the filter posts by draft/published in dashboard suggestion. Glad to see an update has been planned.

pioneer profile image
Serge Tarkovski

i18n, please! Most of the people from my community doesn't speak English at all, so having all UI elements translated is crucial.