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Let's Discuss #3! A Roundup of Feature Requests

Here is a round up of the newest feature requests on

First, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to add feature requests here.

I have been sharing these with the product team. If you see a feature request you would also like to have implemented, please take a moment to leave a reaction or a comment on the original post and let us know! This helps me prioritize the features I share with our team.🙏

Moderation and Mental Health Support

Add Dedicated Trigger and Content Warning Tags

As forems are becoming more and more diversified, having the ability to mark posts as containing triggering content and specifying what these triggers are could be helpful, thoughtful, and useful.

Discourage Using Certain Tags Together

This feature already has a good discussion in the comments from our Community Success team and the original author. Check it out for more information and to see if this is a feature you would want on your Forem.

Editor Experience


As more non-developer forems open up, an editor that is less focused on markdown could be useful for the whole community.

MarkDown Side Preview

Give users the ability to preview their markdown while they are editing a post instead of switching between edit and preview mode.

Addition Features

Analytics Dashboard Features

This is a request to give users a way to see stat increases in the overview stats on the dashboard page.

Top comments (4)

varhal profile image
Varhal • Edited

I'm really looking forward to the new WYSIWYG Editor and Analytics Dashboard Features 👍

Gutenberg editor looks very good:

Also, you can add a simple editor for comments.

alvarolab profile image
Álvaro Hurtado Mochón

That looks very nice! I am still finishing my self-host setup (I am must configuring at this point).

This is not a feature request but actually a feature approach. I understand different people will have different needs. The wide diversity of communities growing with Forem is great.

However, that could make Forem end up being cluttered and noisy. I'd suggest making new features optional as not every feature will be useful to everyone. Maybe a feature flagging is a good approach. Just a suggestion.

akhil profile image
Akhil Naidu

Wow, nice!

This road map is certainly refreshing and what I would consider as a real update. (Update here refers to the literal meaning of update or being up to date)

I felt that most of my community members would face steep learning when it comes to the MD editor, as most of them have a background around Economic & Political analysts, in which the majority being professors.

This road map is a game-changer for me and to bring my community online. Now I can calmly shift completely into Forem, leaving Tribe and, Thankyou @forem

akhil profile image
Akhil Naidu

I'm waiting for that day when I can host a stable production Forem on my own, and if possible, one day, sooner or later, with Zapier workflows.