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Jayendran Arumugam
Jayendran Arumugam

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Feature-Request : Auto-Save for any new Draft post

During my post creation in, in the draft mode accidentally I forget to click the save button. The next day when I saw my yesterday's contribution was gone and the draft has only the version which I saved much earlier.

It would be great if you can provide an auto-save feature for any draft version on the post. So that it won't be a big shock like me for others in the future!

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Thanks for the feature request! It's something we might consider. For the time being, we use localStorage to persist any changes you make that haven't been explicitly saved, so unless you used another computer to view your draft again, the one you were working on should have a copy stored and loaded up via localStorage.

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Jose Maria CLi

Yeah! sounds great