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Customizing welcome description

Describe the bug

When you first create your Forem it is private by default which shows the welcome/login page. This page contains a welcome message "(Your Forem name) is a community of amazing users" but admin is unable to customize the full text.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to

Expected behavior

There should be an option to customize the full text from admin settings Config > Community Content. Right now you can only change community name (1VIBE) and community member label (user). I also noticed that the member label is being converted into plural, "users" in this case, but don't see that happening in the associated code included below.

The associated code is here:

Alt Text

Windows 10, latest version of Chrome

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Lisa Sy

Hi @ildi , lead product designer here πŸ‘‹

Thanks for sharing this request! I hear what you're saying when you're asking for more customization. With where we, the Forem company, are moving towards with our products, we're currently generalizing configurations so that it's relevant for most people. Because of this, we're in a phase of limiting too much customization (paradox of choice) as we're undergoing a pretty overhaul & refactoring for the creator experience.

Curious, what text would you like to see here instead for your own community? One idea I have is to have the community_description text here instead β€” how does that sound to you?

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Ben Halpern

Here are tagline and description as configured on DEV right now, for context.

dev config

Tagline might be what we want to use more of in more places? And distinguish between the two more effectively?

On the topic of too much customization, to add to this: If we allowed too many different levers, it would kind of pigeonhole the design a little too much. With fewer, more re-usable copy config we can make design evolutions more cleanly. If we have specific copy that makes sense in a specific context, it's hard to redesign the look of a page later.

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I agree that too much customization can become problematic and I think there is already a lot of that going on. I like Ben's suggestion of using the tagline instead in this section, and it would help with differentiating between tagline and community description.