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Siddharth Chaudhary
Siddharth Chaudhary

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WYSIWYG editor

As more non-developer forems open up, it would be nice to have a medium style editor.

Here is one I found


And the github repo

GitHub logo michelson / Dante

Just another Medium wysiwyg editor clone

Dante 3 - This is it! 🔥

Just another medium clone built on top of ProseMirror's / TipTap

Dante3 is a port from Dante2 (Draftjs) . This version is built on top of TipTap and reaches all Dante2's features with a shiny ultra mega super uber maintainable architecture.

See the demo at:

Why rewrite a new version of Dante?

The previous version (Dante2) was made on DraftJs, that's a facebook library to build WYSIWYG editor, I'd choose that technology because it implemented a very interesting data model and abstracted many parts of the heuristics implementation that Dante1 (the previous version) built as a naive implementation relying a lot on DOM manipulation, So Dante2 was great and is working on a ton of production websites. Sadly over the last years this library has not received much attention from maintainers. Among the ~700 unattended reported issues there are some that…

I wonder what your take is on this 🤔?

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Lisa Sy

Hey this is Lisa, lead product designer here at @forem .

This is DEFINITELY in our roadmap for this year! But I want to share with you the complexities within this because this is where we have many product & technical questions we'd need to flesh out.

  • How does this more non-dev friendly editor interact with our existing editor and that infrastructure?
  • Do we take on the more "Medium" approach (preview what you write) or more the GitHub approach (explicit write / edit mode with markdown syntax embedded within write mode)?
  • Of these approaches, which could work most optimically on small-screens/mobile phones?
  • How does a user change their settings here?

For all these reasons, this is a larger scope project to untangle the complexities here. When we approach product development here around Q3 2021, we will make an effort to share both product approaches (via interactive demos) to get feedback and validate its utility. Hope this is helpful context.

Cheers 🌱

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Hello Lisa,

I am a user who is waiting for this feature (WYSIWYG) , is there any update about this task ?

Thanks a lot!

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I wanted to comment just to say that this will be a very useful feature. I will be launching a Forem for hip-hop fans very soon and I anticipate many questions from users about how to format posts, especially on mobile.

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As a person with basic programming knowledge, who interacts with many many non-devs, I can say with confidence that the majority of non-devs would be confused with markdown syntax (or not want to learn it) and the UX would suffer as a result.

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I think this is defo in the pipeline. I created a GitHub feature request a while ago for it that might be an RFC. It will come along and will be super duper when it does 😎

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Andrew Bone

I think this is the logical next step for the editor, I quite like the look of slate.