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How does article_show_below_article_cta work?

Siddharth Chaudhary
Hello. I'm a frontend dev.
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I am quite stuck because I don't get how article_show_below_article_cta works? Has anyone with a working forem used this or is this something that is going to be enabled later?

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Christina Gorton

Hey @sidthedev can you give a little more information so I can help you out? Where are you seeing article_show_below_article_cta ? When I search our Forem code base I do not see this code so want to make sure I know where to look to help you out.

Also, what are you trying to use it for currently?

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Siddharth Chaudhary Author

article_show_below_article_cta is in the html variants section in the admin. I am trying to add a html variant that will display below each article's cta, as it says in the docs

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Casey 💎

Hey Siddharth! On Christina's behalf, I've found some more information about this specific feature.

Unfortunately, this has been disabled due to some design changes and has not made it's way back into production. It seems that we don't have a timeframe for this, however, if it is something you'd like to see be sure to be vocal about it.

As of now, I'll update our documentation to clear this up for anyone else :)

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Christina Gorton • Edited

Ok thanks for the context! I'll pass this over to the community success team then as they are more familiar with the Admin docs.