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Siddharth Chaudhary
Siddharth Chaudhary

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Is there any way to change the look and feel of a forem?

Is there any way to change the look and feel of a forem, besides the default config? Maybe like css injection or something?

Thank you so much to the forem team

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Akhil Naidu

Forem admin is the place where you can find "everything" related to admin confuration.

If you want to have more functionality than, "what you have in admin panel", I can recommend these 2 ways:

  • You should modify the code base by your self (Forem is based on MVC structure), so essentially you can add any ruby on rails functionality, if you are familiar with rails. In fact you can even add your own plugins.
  • or you can open up a feature request for discussion.

A quick point where you can add your own HTML and CSS.

Presently, not every componet of Forem is available for manually modifying the HTML, but there are certain areas like pages, where we can add our own HTML.

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Siddharth Chaudhary Author

How can you modify the codebase?

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Akhil Naidu

If you are familiar with the ruby on rails, I can suggest you an awesome method for playing with Forem.

The dev setup can be done in less than 30 minutes and you can develop within browser => Setup a Gitpod account and Just ClickHere, this will run a development instance with VScode(like) browser insatnce. Give it a try.

If you prefer offline, you can check this post.

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Hi, could you please let me know the email configuration working for your forem instance.. whether it's MailChimp or Sendgrid or any other SMTP?

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Christina Gorton

I don't think there is currently an easy way to do this but I believe that is something @andrewbrown has been playing around will. You can see his post about it.