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Siddharth Chaudhary
Siddharth Chaudhary

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Allow admin to inject js and css into a forem

Feature request

Please describe your feature request

A way for admins to inject css and js into their forems


It would be amazing if admins were allowed to inject css and js into their forems to change the look

Why is it needed?

So that admins can change how their forem looks

Suggested solution(s)

This can be integrated into the admin panel

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Andrew Bone

I believe there was talk to allow plugins (and a plugin marketplace) so people can add features to their forem. You would write your additional code (be it a new theme or some custom functionality) in the plugin style then you can load that in with no problem.

I'm not sure what the road map is or how high a priority that feature was but I'm sure we'll hear more about the road map soon.

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Ben Halpern

Check out pages for the place where you can add arbitrary frontend code right now.

Like this:

As far as further customization, we will be adding more but trying to tread gradually and err on the side of domain-specific language/configβ€” as to create a certain amount of constraint.

So don't worry, we will be giving out further space for customization in a variety of ways, and as @link2twenty pointed out, including plugins.... But we're not trying to rush in too fast and create scenarios which make ongoing platform evolution more difficult at this stage.