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Peter Frank
Peter Frank

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What questions should be added to the Forem FAQ?

We're setting up an FAQ page right here at

What questions should be added? We'll answer them here in the thread and then add them to the Forem FAQ page as well.

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"How to start your own forem?"

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Gracie Gregory (She/Her/Hers)

"What's the relationship between DEV Community and Forem?"

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Jess Lee

How do I contribute to Forem?

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Akhil Naidu

Development Forem to Production Forem guide.

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Dawood Khan Masood • Edited

Yes, please. 😂

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Paweł Ludwiczak
  • "What should go to vs GitHub Issues and what's the relation between both?"
  • "What kind of posts should be written on" (kinda related to the one above for sure)
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Yash Dave

"Where do I find latest changes / updates to Forem?" (once versioning and releases are available, currently can point to it being in a "alpha/beta" of sorts?).