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Your Friendly Neighborhood Developer Advocate

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Hey all! I am Christina, Forem’s Developer Advocate.
If you have been around for a while, you have probably seen me comment on or create posts here.

I wanted to more formally introduce myself and give an explanation of what I do at Forem.

What Developer Advocacy means at Forem.

While I currently am the only employee at Forem with the title Developer Advocate, developer advocacy is something we all do here.

“Developer relations is the bridge between developer users and the company building the product. “ Sam Julien “Getting Started in Developer Relations.

Everyone on the team works to create a strong community whether that is directly like the Community Success team or indirectly like the Product and Engineering teams who create useful tools for the community.

What I do

My job is varied and I do a lot of different things at Forem but first and foremost I am here to advocate for you all and make your experience with Forem easier.

In the past, I mainly focused on our forem/forem repository. I worked to triage issues, comment on and advocate for certain feature requests, and work with our engineering team to help with PRs.

While this is something I still do, I also work with developers and non-technical community members here to help make the Forem self-host option accessible to all.
This work is done through:

  • tutorials/guides
  • answering questions on
  • investigating typical pain points for self-hosting
  • working with our product and engineering team to come up with solutions for those pain points

Our Community

Forem wouldn’t be a community without all of you.
I am here to help where I can.

  • If you are struggling please reach out to me.
  • If you would like to see more guides on other areas of Forem self-host let me know.
  • If you have self-host questions feel free to post them here on
  • If you come across pain points while setting up your Forem let us know by documenting your journey here.

I will be here in keeping an eye on your requests, successes, issues, and more.
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Fun Fact: Why do Developer Advocates call themselves Developer Avocados?

There seems to be two origin stories.
It was either a mispronouncian as described in the post "Developer Avocados: The Good Kind Of Fat"

Or a typo described in the post
"The Birth of Developer Avocados"

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If Possible guide me to self host on vultr or amazon lightsail
Thank You