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Forem’s Community Success Team Has Arrived!

Some of you may have noticed a handful of Forem core team members hanging out on more often — this would be Forem’s Community Success Team! 🙌

We’ve been poking around the site recently, checking out y’all’s feature requests, leaving feedback, and offering whatever guidance we can for the community here. This non-technical team is made up of Ella, Casey, & myself and our goal is to help build up our admin documentation and guides in preparation for the upcoming launch of FOSS this summer.

Now that we’ve just recently updated our admin navigation design, we’re ready to begin providing fresh admin tutorials and training. Soon enough, we’ll also be offering guidance on community growth and related strategies. Lots more to come here!

As much as this team would love to offer more insight into the product roadmap and provide technical walkthroughs to help you all get set up, this is not really our forte (yet!). Don’t worry, technical documentation is most definitely coming! We are working in tandem with our engineers to create these docs, so please sit tight and know that they are in the works.

While our developer knowledge is somewhat limited, this team will do our best to answer any questions that you all might have and we look forward to continue participating in discussions around the product with y'all. We're really happy to be assisting you folks here and are excited to teach all you creators-to-be the admin side of managing a Forem!

Please follow us here and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can help with!

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lee profile image

Well hi there 👋🏼 - this is great news, you people are fabulous and have helped so much, this is going to be fun!

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Casey 💎

Hey everyone! Happy to be here :)

ildi profile image

Welcome Community Success Team! Very excited to work with you 💚

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Ella Ang (she/her/elle)

Jumping on this post to say "hello" to everyone and "what Michael said" - please don't hesitate to reach out any time!