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Cover image for Our pace of UI improvements is picking up... Make sure you keep your Forems regularly updated!
Ben Halpern for Forem Core Team

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Our pace of UI improvements is picking up... Make sure you keep your Forems regularly updated!

Hey folks! After a period of less visible infrastructure work as a bigger part of the focus, our core team is now shipping more user-facing improvements.

Cover image is a pic of the latest home feed live on DEV, not even live here on as I type this β€” It's a small change, but it's an improvement, and we're gathering momentum for a lot of little improvements to the overall content experience (creation and consumption).

Make sure to update your Forems regularly! We don't yet have everything in place to nag you about updating, so it has to be on you to make it part of your routine. Updating via self-host is pretty straightforward and documented in the Readme.

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Selfhost your Forem Community on your own infrastructure πŸŽ‰

Forem Self-Host

This is a repo for setting up a free, self-managed install of Forem on a Fedora CoreOS VM running on one of a few popular cloud providers (current support for DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud). Local development is also supported using a VM on Linux via QEMU.

Please note that Forem is a complex piece of software, and hosting and managing it in a cloud environment is non-trivial. While the recipes and scripts here are expected to work for the limited scenarios we tested against, use and modification of the recipes, or altering the deployed environment, may require familiarity with the following layers of the tech stack we built with, and ongoing maintenance of the deployed system may require interacting with any of these technologies:

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Thomas Bnt

I see that this week. I love this small changement πŸ₯°

lee profile image

I love it !!!!

ildi profile image

The latest home feed that is now live on DEV is looking very nice! It's now much easier to filter/navigate between the different feed options. Looking forward to all the new UI improvements

9comindia profile image

A suggestion:

Along with "Feed Latest Top", "Listings" can be placed on the same top bar with right aligned.

It should look good on mobile view and easy access to listings.