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Web3 Enthusiasts Have a Home: MetaPunk

Cross-posted from DEV

If you were trying to visit DEV earlier today, you might have seen that the site was suffered from some partial downtime due to a DNS configuration issue. DEV was back online promptly, but these things are never fun.

This post has nothing to do with that — but it does seem thematically relevant. Today, I want to highlight a growing Forem called Metapunk.

Check out the MetaPunk Community 🦙🚀

Metapunk is a community of Web3 and NFT traders, developers, and enthusiasts in general. It’s a community celebrating innovations in decentralized technology taking part in a decentralization-first Forem Network.

**If you’re interested in Web3 technology and want to connect and learn, it is absolutely fabulous that Metapunk exists as an option. This is why we are pushing Forem to complement DEV in any of these specialized spaces. DEV will always trend towards the mean in software advice and enthusiasm, which is not strictly what Web3 folks need to further their dialog and learnings.

Of course, Web3 posts are welcome on DEV, but we very much encourage joining and cross-posting to MetaPunk. I hope to see you around. 😋

One last thing. You’ll notice "Sign up with Forem" as an option alongside GitHub and email. This is a service we now offer to most seamlessly navigate the ecosystem and manage your identity. We want you to be able to bring your full self without having to bring your full data, so making this distributed ecosystem as straightforward as possible in the long run is really important. Create a Forem account and connect it with your DEV account via your settings. 🙂

Happy Coding and Collecting!

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lee profile image

Sorry about the Llama over on the Dev post. He was such a bad hire but really cheap 😩

ildi profile image

Im all about them 🦙🦙🦙

Super happy that MetaPunk exists in the Forem ecosystem 💚

metapunk profile image
MetaPunk 🦙

Let’s get rid of @lee - he thinks I’m the mascot, when it’s actually him. Let’s build LlamaWorld together 🦙🦙🦙

lee profile image

MetaPunk Security Essentials is a good read if you are just getting started or are curious about this space