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If you’re interested in WebAssembly, and don’t get enough depth on DEV, read this…

Cross-posted from DEV with a little extra love.

WASM Builders is the new Forem in town. If you click that link, you’ll find the new WebAssembly Forem run by a consortium of deeply engaged companies looking to expand the impact of WebAssembly.

It will always be the goal of DEV to help people keep up with software trends and level up, but it’s not always conducive to going deep on the topics you care about. That’s why the DEV Team are encouraging other developer-focused Forems to get up and running with their own Forems.

If you're into WebAssembly, you're probably keeping up with it in a variety of places, but we expect the new Forem to ultimately be a really important async-first, community-driven knowledge base for the world of WebAssembly.

As Forem Creators, you probably already know that we believe a healthy web is a distributed one. The software world is community-driven, and curation and community leadership needs to be pushed closer to the edge.

If you are interested in going deeper with WebAssembly and keeping up with the bleeding edge in the space, we highly encourage you to join WASM Builders.

Watch this space as DEV continues to encourage more technology stakeholders to own their outcomes via dedicated Forems.

Click here for a great intro to WebAssembly.

Congrats to WASM Builders and happy coding!

One last thing. You’ll notice “Sign up with Forem” as an option alongside GitHub and email. This is a service we now offer to most seamlessly navigate the ecosystem and manage your identity. We want you to be able to bring your full self without having to bring your full data, so making this distributed ecosystem as straightforward as possible in the long run is really important. If you haven't already enabled Forem Account sign in on your Forem, we encourage you to give it a try! 🙂

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