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Cover image for Interested in the social impact you can have as a developer? Read this post.
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Interested in the social impact you can have as a developer? Read this post.

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Today, I’m excited to highlight a Forem that has a ton of relevance for everyone here on the Development Hackers Community 🎉

Development Hackers’ founder, @rayan, said this about why he started this new community:

At some point, I ended up being in 20 different niche “Tech for Good” communities and I couldn’t make much sense of them. They were all too local: centered on one organization, in one particular country or city, and ultra-specific technologies. On top of that, they were all private Slack, Discord or LinkedIn groups, so you couldn’t even find the discussions on a search engine.”

As you can see, Development Hacker’s mission of transparency and community goodwill in tech is very much in-line with our own at Forem. We’re thrilled to have them as part of our ecosystem. One example of how they’re committed to their mission is their current focus on how programmers can help the people of Ukraine. Read more about this here. Development Hackers is currently promoting ways that programmers can help people from the Ukraine.

Check out Development Hackers now!

We strongly encourage you to sign up and keep up with opportunities for impact!

A few final notes:

I turned my recent Forem community highlights into a series – take a look at the other communities I’ve shed some light on over the past few weeks! Forem’s goal is to make the internet smaller and driven by community leaders directly. We believe that this can only be accomplished by tightening the focus of online communities and the Forems in this series are great places to go deep on specific topics.

You’ll notice "Sign up with Forem" as an option alongside GitHub and email. This is a service we now offer to most seamlessly navigate the ecosystem and manage your identity. We want you to be able to bring your full self without having to bring your full data, so making this distributed ecosystem as straightforward as possible in the long run is really important. 🙂

Happy impactful coding!

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Rayan Nait Mazi

Thank you so much =)
I'm very happy to have chosen Forem for Development Hackers
And I'm glad to be in this community, lots of love for everyone here!