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Cover image for Interested in high performance programming on the LLVM? There's a new community for you.
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Interested in high performance programming on the LLVM? There's a new community for you.

The common theme across our recent Forem highlights is that can serve as a really effective town hall — and we are always seeking to separate signal from noise and make DEV a high-quality destination for all developers. While DEV delivers breadth, we never intended for it to provide the depth in every subject that is so often needed for specialists.

That's why I'm excited to share that there's a new Forem on the block that's dedicated to providing that necessary depth for the subject of Julia: a general-purpose but highly-dynamic programming language. Meet the Julia Language Community.

If you are interested in keeping up with this really fascinating coding environment, I highly recommend checking this space out.

The Julia Forem: What it is, why we made one, and how to use it! - Julia Community

Welcome to the Julia Forem! If you are reading this, you are on our new Forem instance. You might be...

favicon is administered by the official Julia core team members, so the ultimate goal is all about the needs of the Julia community and language itself. If you are curious about Julia, I recommend diving in right away.

One last thing. You’ll notice "Sign up with Forem" as an option on these Forems. This is a service we now offer to most seamlessly navigate the ecosystem and manage your identity. We want you to be able to bring your full self without having to bring your full data, so making this distributed ecosystem as straightforward as possible in the long run is really important. Create a Forem account and connect it with your DEV account via your settings. 🙂

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