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Installing Forem Requirements for MacOS

Christina Gorton
Developer Advocate, Technical Writer, and Instructor.
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This is a walkthrough on how to set up the requirements mentioned in the Forem selfhost repository to setup a Forem selfhost instance on MacOS.


Go to your terminal on Mac:


  1. Check for git by typing git --version into your terminal. git --version in MacOs terminal
    • If it is not installed, you can install git from here. ## Homebrew

Many of the requirements can be added with Homebrew, a package manager for MacOS

1.) In your terminal see if Homebrew is already installed by typing:
brew help

2.) If you see this error brew: command not found you can install Homebrew with the following command in your terminal:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
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this script will explain what it is doing and pause before it does it.
Make sure to watch your terminal for any instructions.
Homebrew may take a few minutes to install fully.

3.) Once installation is complete, type brew help to confirm brew was installed.
brew help in MacOS terminal


  1. Check for Python with python ––version or check for pip3 with pip3 --version

    • If you don't have Python 3 installed already, install it with Homebrew
  2. Install Python with the following command:
    brew install python

  3. Check that Python was installed correctly with python ––version

  4. Check that pip3 was also installed with pip3 --version


Butane is a tool that consumes a Butane Config and produces an Ignition Config, which is a JSON document that can be given to a Fedora CoreOS machine when it first boots.

  1. You can use brew to install Butane) on MacOS.
  2. In your terminal type: brew install butane
  3. Check that Butane was installed correctly with: butane --version butane --version in MacOS terminal


  1. Now you will install pwgen which you will use later to generate an Ansible Vault password.
  2. You can install pwgen with brew. In your terminal type brew install pwgen

Ready to Install Forem

Aside from a cloud provider (which you can choose while working through the Quick Start guide), these are all the requirements you need for MacOS to run Forem.

Please visit our Quick Start Guide to finish installing Forem Selfhost.

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Ella Ang (she/her/elle)

This extra info for the requirements is really helpful, thanks! I found it a useful checklist to go through, even though I thought I had all the requirements.