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Ending Support for the Forem Browser Extension

Today we've made the decision to stop development and support of the Forem Browser Extension. The repository has been archived on GitHub and is now read-only. We won't be accepting any further pull requests to the project, or developing or fixing bugs with it.

@ben made the first commit to the project almost two years ago, and over that time it grew from its original purpose as a Chrome extension to be available on both Firefox and Safari. It's never been very popular however (it has fewer than 100 downloads on each browser extension marketplace), and has proven challenging to keep up to date as the Forem network has grown. New users of the extension are running into more errors, and we've struggled to justifying its continued development given its low adoption rate and limited functionality.

We know the extension has its fans through (I'm one of them!), so we're keeping the project available for you to fork on GitHub and build locally. On behalf of the entire Forem team, thanks for your contribution and interest over the years!

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Thomas Bnt

Hello, sad to read that :c

Will it still be updated or not at all ?

lee profile image

Me too, use it all the time