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Changelog: Replacing multiple email settings with one default email

lightalloy profile image Anna Buianova Updated on ・1 min read

Previously, we had a bunch of customizable email fields (contact, business, privacy, members). But it turned out that such granularity doesn't add much value. Different emails were used mostly on static pages, where an admin can put any content, including other emails, if needed. So, we can go with one default email.

The changes were made in this pr

The default email is set via an environment variable (DEFAULT_EMAIL), but I kept it in the interface as a read-only field for clarity.

Here are screenshots of the inteface (Admin => Customization => All Site Configuration => Emails):

Before the changes:
Interface with multiple emails

After the changes:
Interface with one default email

As a part of this pr, I also added a reply-to header for email notifications.

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