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Changelog: Forem Android App

Hello Creators,

We are so excited today to announce the official launch of our Forem Android app. Now, members of all Forems can easily join, discover, and interact with their favorite communities. The Forem Android app joins our family alongside the iOS app and Discover to enhance the built in network between Forems that encourages visitors to move between Forem communities.

Android app preview - lists and multiple Forems

With both the Android and iOS apps you can use your mobile device to:

  • Discover, preview, and join featured Forems across a wide variety of interests
  • Add public and private Forems to your list for easy reference
  • Navigate between Forems effortlessly with our dropdown menu or left-right swiping functionality
  • Stay informed about relevant feed activity with push notifications
  • Read mobile-optimized articles, view passionate discussions, and listen to podcasts β€” whether you’re a member or not
  • Meet and follow other community members, leave reactions and comments on posts, and publish your own opinions
  • Upload and share images on the go
  • Publish your best ideas on your favorite topics from wherever you are

As we leave our beta period on Android, we already have over five thousand downloads with fantastic feedback from our users. Now that we are in general release with our Android app, please encourage your Forem members to try it out!

Ready to get started? Download Forem for Android and iOS today. And be sure to leave us a review and five stars!

Android app preview - preview and login to Forems

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lee profile image

5000! That's great! πŸ‘ - Nice to see you're helping communities grow with the discover section when downloading the app, thanks for that.

Is the code going to be listed in the Forem github as per iOS? 😎

shriekdj profile image
Shrikant Dhayje

oh so you have an app also