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Changelog: Creator Metrics

Hello Creators!

I have a great update to share with you — though some of you might have already spotted it in your Forem.

By popular demand, we're now offering metrics specifically on how your Forem is performing!

Let's take a look at the new Forem Admin Panel and Creator Metrics...

Forem Admin Panel with Creator Metrics

Analytics and Trends

This new section of the Forem Admin Panel provides a quick view of the activity on your Forem in the last seven days. Posts, comments, and reactions help you understand the engagement of your members. Are community members interacting with your content enough to produce their own or react? New members can give you a good sense of the activation of your Forem. Folks taking that step from being visitors to becoming members means they want more of what you are providing and will return to comment, react, and create their own posts.

The color of the line chart shows in the week is currently on an upward or downward trend. Note: we are currently working on a fix here to exclude current day as that will always bias towards a downward trend. The top line number is shown above each chart and under it is the increase or decrease over the previous 7 days.

Health Check

The goal of this part of the Forem Admin Panel is to provide a quick indication of actions you can take on your Forem to improve health such as manage Flags, review Reports, and address spam or abuse users. Each of these top line numbers will link you quickly to the part of your Forem Admin Panel where you can resolve these situations. Moving these up and making them easy to scan will also help you identify and resolve problems quickly. This new section replaces the old analytics panel that linked to open reports.

Help and Forem Guides

We also cleaned up the rest of the Overview page to make it easier to find the help you need.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on all these changes. As always, feel free to leave any comments below!

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Really like this Jennie - I have noticed it has tricked into Forem Cloud now.