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Few questions about forem API

For migration from wordpress to Forem we use Forem API and have a few questions:

  • Forem does not allow uploading selfhost video as image, can this be fixed somehow? The video is inserted into the post but is not uploaded to the server, an external link is displayed
  • Maybe there are some hidden API features to move comments and users?

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Casey πŸ’Ž

Hey Varhal!

It seems like these are more feature requests/suggestions as these aren't currently around.

For the second note, could you explain a little about the ability to "move comments and users"?

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Hey Casey!

Many different authors wrote articles on the site, and when migrating articles, I would like to transfer the authors' data. Also, under the articles there are comments, some of them are very useful, it would be nice to move the comments along with the articles.