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Stripe integration problem


In order to accept payments on the site, I created a Stripe account and wrote the keys on the settings page. After that, I wanted to check if the payment works. I created a category, selected an ad creation cost and went to the credit purchase page. There, I entered my credit card information and clicked the "Pay" button.

After clicking the button, a 500 error occurred. And all the pages that are related to payment started showing error 500.

Can you tell me what the problem could be and how to solve it. Thank you

After restart service, website is down - error 501

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I get the same issue, I'll be pushing any nft posts that looks like ads on MetaPunk over to listings, I think the issue occurs on Dev. Is there a work around?

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @varhal can you please take a look at this bug report and confirm that you're experiencing the same issue?

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I believe this is the same problem. Thank you!