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Using the #requests tag

Do you have a feature request for Forem? Please let us know by creating a post using the #requests tag.

You can also view the Forem GitHub Repo and search for a corresponding feature request to see if someone else has already raised this idea.

Even if a request already exists on GitHub, please feel free to raise it here for additional conversation in the context of Forem. You can embed an existing issue using this syntax:

{% github %}

Which will result in:

Generalise reaction images #9850

I feel that there is a case to generalise the reaction images for the 3 actions you can take on an article (heart, unicorn, save). I think it helps with a bit of uniqueness throughout the Forem ecosystem as it grows.

Describe the solution you'd like

An area in SiteConfig that allows an Forem administrator to change the default icons for heart, unicorn and save.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Nothing other than hardcoding :(

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