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Peter Frank
Peter Frank

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"Apply to Join Community" optional configuration request

In conversation with a few potential Forem Admins, I have received several requests around the concept of an "Apply to Join" option for Forems.

The underlying idea would be to introduce a "gate" that prevents people from completing registration of their account. Once they are registered, they can take part in the community as normal.

Forem Admin Experience

  • Enable "Apply to Join" mode
  • Prospective members hit an "Application Page" when trying to register
  • The "Application Page" gathers information relevant to their application
    • The Forem admin should be able to set fields on this page
  • Pending applications appear somewhere in the Admin area as "Pending Applications"
  • The Forem admin can "accept" or "reject" individual applications

Applying User Experience

  • Visit community, start registration process
  • Land on "Application Page" + supply info
  • On-site + Email confirmation that application was submitted
  • Email update when application is accepted / rejected
  • If accepted, account is now fully registered as normal

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ildi profile image

I think this is a very important feature. Being able to screen/seed early users before they have the power to interact with the community could prove beneficial. I know over at they did something similar with comment permissions in the beginning. This lead to high quality comments/discussions early on which I believe played a role in setting the tone for the community.

Some Facebook Groups also employ applications for access and they work similarly to the flow you've described.

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Ben Halpern

Probably makes sense for the "acceptance" of a request to trigger the invitation flow, and that's how they come to create their full profile?

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Peter Frank

Yeah, I don't have any real insight into the proper technical implementation for this sort of feature. I wasn't sure if we'd want to create an account at the moment of application and keep them in a pending state, or whether they shouldn't even be able to create an account until the "acceptance" is approved.