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Peter Frank
Peter Frank

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Request: ability to set up "notification sequences"

I've spoken with several potential Forem admins who have been describing a similar request.

It's essentially the ability to set up a guided sequence of notifications.

Example Requests

  • I'm building a cooking community and I'd like to set up a basic knife skills flow
  • I'm building a fitness community and I'd like to build a 30 days of flexibility flow
  • etc.

Requested Usage

Let's use the "30 days of flexibility" example above.

As the Forem admin of, I want to set up a new page at

  • Community member lands on /30-days-of-flexibility
  • Community member "signs up" for the sequence
  • Community member receives notifications on an established cadence
    • Day 0: Welcome, here's what to expect
    • Day 1: Post in the "Starting my Flexibility journey" thread
    • Day 15: "You're half-way there, keep going!"
    • etc.

Ideally, these notifications could be configured to also send as emails. The text within the notification might be the entire message that day, or it might link people to a thread where they can connect with their fellow participants.

This would be useful to help create guided experience supplemented by notifications, static content, and dynamic threads.

It could be useful for educational purposes, having people "subscribe" to specific events (such as hackathons), etc.

Do you have a similar need? Any ideas on implementation considerations? Let us know!

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Michael Kohl

This seems like it could also be useful for my previous suggestion of using Forems for online course creation, so 👍

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Would love to see this implemented Peter.