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Balkrishna Pandey
Balkrishna Pandey

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How poll works for admin?

Found some article on this topic,

exactly not sure how it works for admin. I tried inline as follows,

Is this blog helpful?

{% poll %}
- Yes
- No
{% endpoll %}
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But seeing following error,

Couldn't find Poll with 'id'=
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Jennie Ocken (she/her)

Hi @pandeybk, super excited that you are exploring around to find and try some new things.

Unfortunately, Polls was a feature that we did some initial experimenting with but never fully released. As such, it doesn't work on any Forems right now. At some point in the future we will revisiting the feature and building out the functional. But for now Forem doesn't have a Poll option.

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Balkrishna Pandey

Make sense why its not working :D. Thank you for response.