Polls inside posts

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Polls are a great way to understand people's opinions and an easy way to engage with users.

Personally I love polls because it gives insights on the majority as well.


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Polls exist in a beta form. I'm not sure what is preventing it from being made accessable.

Beta polls feature (admin use only for now) #3176

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This PR includes some basic functionality for including polls in tweets. It limits so that only admins can include polls because I think there are more complexities around polls we want to nail down, along the lines of:

  • An article with a poll probably shouldn't allow edits because that could compromise the poll.
  • A poll should only be able to be embedded in a single article as to keep context consistent.
  • This means more "awareness" of the context from the liquid tag perspective.
  • A poll should be definable through some fairly straightforward UI which begs questions of when a poll gets "saved".

So for now I made it so that it's more of a conceptual feature for now that we can use internally but it will be fun to show off until we answer the rest of the questions.

Forgive my silly placeholder text:


Well look at that!


Yup, these are just missing a bit of functionality, but they've sat on the shelf for far too long.

Will it be made available for the users to use as well, like other than the admins?

Ben actually wrote a post about them around a year ago over on Dev

Before you get too excited, this feature currently only works for admins, and even for admins, you can't actually create a poll outside of the console.

Though I think this implies this is only for the testing phase (which never quite ended 😅).

Yeah, I really cover-complicated some things by wanting to ensure it would be impossible to deceive by changing the surrounding text for the poll...... Which just led to this not fully shipping. We can probably loosen the constraints a little bit.


Oh that's great thank you!


I think adding polls would be really useful. I like how polls work on Twitter (voting is private) help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/...


Yeah I totally agree!