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Andrew Bone
A British Front-end developer, that is passionate about web accessibility.
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The premise

A while ago, over on GitHub, someone raised an issue that they'd like to have the ability to see a quick description about a user when hovering over their profile picture. The is a pretty common UX these days so I thought we ought to bring it up here and see if this is something people want.

What reminded me about this issue was today I instinctively tried to use this feature, I hovered over a profile of someone in the comments expecting to read a small bio about them, instead I ctrl clicked so I could read it in another tab without losing my place.

on github

github example

on twitter

twitter example

the issue

hover profile view on posts #4745

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Currently we do not have any hover profile view for posts on dev

Screenshot at 2019-11-07 19-36-10

Describe the solution you'd like We could do this like github


We can display their bio, location etc. Instead of Member of BitPlease (as shown in screenshot) we could show all social links a user has on his/her DEV Profile

I'm not even bitter that I raised the issue in 2018 πŸ˜‰

Quick follow option #1122

When you hover over a users profile picture, be it in the comments or when looking at articles, it would be nice to see a small amount of information about the user and have an option to follow them.


Discussion (9)

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Andrew Bone Author

I was thinking the pop up should look something like the current side menu (just without the metadata-details. Or would we want a new design for it?

pop up example

I'd also guess we'd want to build the pop up with JS from the users API but it raises the question can the API show if you're following someone or not and is there an endpoint for following a user.

Also we style the border-top-color from the users brand color is that something we can add the the users api?

This is all presuming going the API route is the best way to do things but perhaps you all have different ideas?

CC: @lisasy @pp @rhymes

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Andrew Bone Author

I just had a look at how twitter do it and it looks like it's with a portal, they have an overlay layer that they add the pop up into. I'm not seeing any network traffic (other than getting images) so I guess the data is all baked in.

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Lisa Sy

Yup! A solution like this seems about right.

Also remember that we would also implement a design for the mobile version of this so that it looks appropriate on small screens.

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Andrew Bone Author

Would you have the popup on mobile? Or would it just not exist?

Thread Thread
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Lisa Sy

Hey! The popup would definitely exist on mobile. I think that we can design an elegant way of how this looks and appears, so that's what I'm excited about.

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Michael Tharrington • Edited

I'm not even bitter that I raised the issue in 2018 πŸ˜‰

Haha! I so appreciated this line. I've definitely got a few feature requests that have been hanging in the queue for some time. I know that we got a lot going on just now, but I'm hopeful we can revisit some of these in the near future, pluck them out, and create some cool new features.

Anyway, I do really like this proposed upgrade. Very good idea!

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Thomas Bnt

Oooh I've got the same idea last week! I overview a profile I thought I would get more information. But it's the habit of other social networks πŸ˜†

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Lisa Sy

Hey everyone! It's Lisa here (lead product designer).

This is definitely a valuable feature that would help people learn more about other people in their community. It could encourage people to browse through their community more, following one another and discovering new content.

Implementation-wise, some of the considerations that'd need to be accounted for is:

  • What does the desktop & mobile experience of this "hover-card" look like? What is the UX of this?
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Good idea!