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Andrew Bone
Andrew Bone

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Keyboard shortcuts discoverability

Forem supports keyboard shortcuts but discovery isn't the easiest. It's relatively common practice to make pressing '?' open a menu of shortcuts.

I know there aren't very many on Forem at the moments (Only three I can thing of off the top of my head) but perhaps with more discoverability people would suggest more that could be created.

Other sites implementation

Twitter shortcut list

Github shortcut list

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Rafi • Edited

Having a command palette like vscode would help.

command palette

  1. It helps users to search for keyboard short cuts easily and use them
  2. Even if the user does not remember the shortcut they could always type cmd + p and go that command
  3. Displaying all the keyboard shortcut at once might overwhelm users (unless they are looking for some reference sheet of all shortcuts)
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Andrew Bone • Edited

I could see pressing alt + space or something opening a spotlight experience in the centre of the screen. Something like this.

Hmm, jsfiddle is not loading for me here's a link

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Andrew Bone

I like the idea of having a searchable command palette, ctrl/cmd + p would overwrite the default print command which some people may use on posts (maybe?).

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Yes it might interfere with print command but only when the user are in the page. I think it could be alt + space or ctrl + space .

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Ben Halpern


....The i button triggers the editor guide, but it seems like it could trigger help in general.

But that would most likely just apply to editor shortcuts, but we have a broader sense of keyboard shortcuts (i.e. jump to search with /)...

I wonder if this could fit in with more substantial user-friendly guides in general... I could see a master-detail view that could help cover the broad array of advanced functionality of using a Forem.