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Loris Cro

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Proper Backups?

I have a self-hosted instance of Forem on Digital Ocean and have enabled DO's VM-wide backups. Needless to say that this is not really an optimal solution as the backups are done on a weekly basis, among other things.

Is there any guide that quickly explains what needs to be backed up and, even better, shows how to setup incremental backups? In my opinion this could be a neat feature offered by Forem itself, using a S3 bucket or something similar.

I tried searching if there was any existing material on the subject but didn't find anything.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @kristoff the main guidance we offer for backups beyond your VM backups can be found here in the self-host repo.

The main reason for this self-serve process is to keep the standard cost of self-hosting down for everyone, so there are going to be different needs for different use cases.

If you figure out a solution, please consider writing it up for the community. You can either create a post here, or you can contribute to the Forem Admin documentation.

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Loris Cro

Thanks, I had missed that, I was mostly looking at the admin docs.

That's already a pretty good starting point and enough for my current needs, I'll circle back once my community becomes huge :^)