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Loris Cro
Loris Cro

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Got on HN, Forem is doing great :^)

I self-host Forem at and a particularly nice post got us on the front page of HN today. At first I was a bit worried:

But the site seems to be holding up well, even if we're getting a good number of concurrent requests.

almost 200 concurrent users

And the small Digital Ocean droplet is chugging along nicely.

25% CPU utilization

Not bad!

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Ben Halpern

Very happy this is working!!!

The CDN/edge caching story is not entirely worked out on self-host (it could be, it's just not baked in)... So glad to see no major problems.

I'd say keep working away at combing through the admin area to get to a state of "full config", as there are probably still some missing things here and there you could get worked out to your benefit, but congrats!

Zig seems like a really great project for Forem.

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Rayan Nait Mazi

Thanks for sharing, I was asking myself how the droplet would hold on for our community too !
Well done on doing front page on HN, that's definitely something I'm going to work on :)

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Christina Gorton

This is so awesome. Thank you for sharing and congrats on getting on the front page πŸ₯³

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Congrats on getting on the front page!

Glad to hear your droplet is going strong, long may it continue!

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zig zig zig .. wish you all the best to scale up.

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Michael Tharrington

This is awesome to hear!