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Loris Cro
Loris Cro

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About autogenerated title images

Any recommendation on how to reimplement DEV's feature of autogenerating title images?

I understand not including in Forem the same exact implementation used by DEV for branding purposes, but at the same time showing the same site-wide image on social media for all posts that don't have their own image really worsens their "linkability" on social media.

More in general I would love to have a guide that explains how to easily produce a an image of the rails app from a fork AND how to keep up with official updates (in case pulling from upstream is not enough). I'd be happy to open source all my changes & upstream any useful addition (like autogenerated title images), while being able to easily hack minor changes to the main layout for my purposes.

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Ben Halpern

Are you referring to these kinds of images?

Twitter image example

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Loris Cro


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Giri Prahasta Putra

Is this by any chance could be a feature someday within forem?