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Sunsetting Forem’s Current Language Settings Beta

The Forem team will be sunsetting the current language settings beta feature soon. Removing this beta feature in its current implementation will set us up to get multiple language support right in the future, ensuring that we stay committed to making Forem as globally inclusive as possible.

Over the past six months, the Forem team has been focused on generalizing our core product with the goal of ensuring that our platform can be used for all communities. To that end, we have been doing some significant work to abstract out features that were originally built with DEV in mind, but are not as easily extensible to other communities in their current format.

In some cases, that means deprecating certain pre-existing features whose current format or structure will not work well for other Forems.

In its current format, this feature would only be useful to Forem instances with:

  1. a significant amount of content
  2. content in more than one language

Furthermore, the currently-supported languages of this feature are also not very extensive, and the feature itself is not fully-functional. Given these limitations, we’ve decided to remove the feature with the intention of circling back to it when we have enough data and context to implement it in a way that works for every community in the Forem ecosystem.

We hope to re-implement multi-language support in the future, in a more holistic and thoughtful way. Going forward, we will lean into our new internal RFC process to help us be diligent and methodical about our approach when tackling this feature again.

Our team cares deeply about creating and fostering inclusive communities. We want to be sure that when we build in support for multiple languages, we get it right. ❤️

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jagaryousef profile image

So currently we cannot change the website language? I was planning to translate it into Kurdish