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Discuss: Add Emoticon in Documentation

Add Emoticon in Documentation #7397

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. When writing a new blog post, there should be a handy link to describe the syntax for emoticons compatible with Markdown

Describe the solution you'd like Add this or this as possible documentation for it in the Editor Guide page with a heading Markdown Emoji (refer highlighted part in bottom left in attached screenshot)

Describe alternatives you've considered Alternatively, members would need to search for Markdown Emoji syntax in Google

Additional context Please let me know if I can pitch in with any more information describing this feature request. new-post-doc png

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This feature request had a lot of discussion originally and then kind of fizzled out.
There were a lot of good suggestions on how to implement this but I am wondering if this is a useful feature request for all Forems.


  • Is this a feature you would find useful on your Forem instance?

  • If yes, how would you want it implemented?

  • Any other thoughts?

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Andrew Bone

I think the bigger issue is the editor itself, I use an extension that allows me to enter emoji into any textbox and had no idea there were shortcodes (so in this sense the documentation needs updating for discoverability).

On github @rhymes suggested this

I wonder how GitHub does it. They essentially show a dropdown of all supported emojis when you type :
Maybe we can skip the documentation and just implement this dropdown in the editor :D

Which could be wrapped into this issue

Add autocomplete mention for users while writing articles #11635

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When I want to add a post of another DEV user, currently I have to copy their profile link and make it look like the person is actually tagged. Like this in markdown:

There is this wonderful post written by [@ vaibhavkhulbe] (

Describe the solution you'd like

I want that we should have the following feature while we tag others in a post or a comment etc:

  1. As soon as I type '@' and type in a few letters of a username, a list should pop-up of a similar username from which I can pick the one I want.

  2. The tagged person should be notified.

  3. When someone clicks the tagged username, they should be redirected to their profile link.

Describe alternatives you've considered


Additional context

Here's something similar: Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 11 21 05 PM

Or this: Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 11 21 47 PM

Also if I recall there was talk of updating the editor to be more rich text/wysiwyg and less code-y which would fix the discoverability issue.

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Christina Gorton

Great points Andrew. Thanks for your input here. Good point that this could relate to Issue #11635

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I agree with Andrew that improving the editor itself would be a better focus. I still find myself using the editor guide all the time while I am making posts. I think once you've made enough posts and discussion comments in a Forem community, a lot of the syntax can be recalled from memory, but this is probably a barrier for new users.

Personally I have been searching Google for markdown emoji syntax and it does get annoying so maybe I should install a chrome extension but I think the editor should offer a solution for this.

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I think we can afford to add in at least mobile emojis.

I am using it on xenforo 2.2, so far it has been a happy experiences for my users.

It will be useful especially on a casual communities.

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