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Discuss: Ability to Reorder Posts in a Series.

coffeecraftcode profile image Christina Gorton ・1 min read

Ability to manually reorder posts in a series #12400

Hi. While series work great in the sorting is solely based on date of the blog posts. It would be really great to have a way to manually order the posts or update existing order in a series.

This is important cause, there are some cases in which you want to post later but have an order to the series which makes more sense.

In my case, I publish 1 blog out of every 3-4 blogs in to other platforms like The New Stack which require exclusive 2 week access. So, I have to hold publishing in till then. But later add the post as part of the series when the window expires.

Describe the solution you'd like

Ability to manually reorder posts in a series

Describe alternatives you've considered

No alternatives available except not using the series feature in

On a side note, I don't see an ability to delete a series.

This type of request has come up more than once.

When authors create a series the posts are sorted by date created. This feature request proposes that authors should be able to manually sort the posts in a series or update the existing order.
I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this type of feature.


  • Has this situation been a pain point for you?
  • Would this feature help your experience on DEV or any other Forem instance?
  • Any other thoughts?

Discussion (7)

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Matt Thornton

I've just encountered a need for this feature. I wrote a couple of posts and then on the third realised that it was growing into a series. The series is educational in nature, so an obvious ordering for me is by increasing complexity. The third post that I wrote contains the easiest to understand content so I'd like to put it first in the series.

More generally I think it's nice to be able to let a series grow organically. Starting out with grand plans for a series can sometimes work, but often it's through the act of writing the individual pieces and getting feedback that we're able to refine the overall series. Often this means wanting to insert posts earlier on to fill in gaps or to provide a better introduction.

To add to the examples this is my series. It's still a work in progress.

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Can you provide a few examples of how people are utilizing series of posts? I haven't been around long enough to discover many of them and would be nice to study a few different examples.

coffeecraftcode profile image
Christina Gorton Author

Sure, for I have a series for a Changelog here.

I did one for a different organization on DEV before I joined DEV.
#100DaysofCloud series

I would say a lot of organizations do series. But individual authors do too.
Here is one from a DEV author:
Learn AWS with Me Series

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Thank you for the examples and I love this feature!

The quick fix that comes to mind:

forem post series

Thread Thread
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Also one more thing... Im not sure if it exists, but I did not find an option to delete a series once you have created one. This was also mentioned in issue #12400.

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Andrew Bone

It's not been a problem for me personally but I can see the benefits.

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Ben Halpern

This was originally considered in the model, and then never really implemented. I'm not sure it needs to because the simplicity of chronological-only probably has value.

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