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Hi everyone πŸ‘‹ well this is exciting πŸ™Œ

I have been searching for an open source project to get involved with and just posted my first blogpost on dev.io and stumbled up forem.dev. Look forward to helping in any way I can πŸ’—


Hello forem! Bennett here Coming through


Less than a second for me to fall of that tHing - guaranteed, LOL.
(It looks like loads of fun though!)


Hello! Long time Dev user and happy to be a part another community here. πŸ˜€


Hey There! I've been looking for an excellent community platform after using a bunch of others - super excited about forem - looks like a lot of thought went into it and how to bring people together.

Looking forward to participating meaningfully!


Great to have you! We'll have plenty of updates soon about how to get people rolling :)


Hi there,

I am Albiona :)

I am a software developer, and I love building communities. My sister and I founded dev.to/codergalsks in our home country. I started the first Toastmasters Club a year and a half ago, and now we have transitioned to an online community :)

I am looking for opportunities to learn and make things better for the communities - Can't wait to explore the forem.dev πŸ™Œβš‘οΈβš‘οΈπŸš€πŸ›Έ




Hi from the world of MMA 🌱 + πŸ₯‹ = πŸ”₯


Hey πŸ‘‹ Long time DEV user. Very excited for this :)


Hey there! Forem looks pretty interesting, perhaps to replace or augment our React Native-focused Infinite Red community Slack (community.infinite.red).