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Has anyone used the browser extension?

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

It's not entirely clear to me that people are having install success with this non-store extension.

GitHub logo forem / forem-browser-extension

The Forem browser extension which allows users to seamlessly navigate between communities.

Forem Browser Extension 🌱

Everyone is free to download and use this Chrome extension.

This extension will eventually be listed in the Chrome Store, but in the meantime we are loading from this source. You will be alerted when there is a new beta version available for download.

👉 How to install Chrome extensions from GitHub

Installation is just a few clicks. Follow the guide to get started.

About this extension

This is a fairly functional work-in-progress. Let's try to keep it clean and functionally minimal as we evolve it.

  • Currently the code is written for Chrome, but this should be able to share 99% of the code with Firefox as long as we take care to do that early on.
  • Forem logo is a placeholder.
  • Link to forem.com should link to a functional page, probably with discovery of new forems etc.
  • We should add service workers to that functional…

Let me know if anybody has gotten it installed!


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I did install this extension in Brave (Chromium) but nothing seems to happen. There is no sidebar.


I opened url forem.com/valid_forems.json in the browser then the extension started working


I think the issue might be in loading this json forem.com/valid_forems.json

Have you tried in Chrome and Brave? I wonder if Brave has different security settings which prevent that resource?

I am using brave browser. I'll check chrome (but I think they should be same since most chrome extensions work in brave by default).

I tried chrome now and it works in chrome. But for brave I had to visit the above URL first.


I just installed it but it's not working for me... It's loaded but appears disabled.


Same thing happens for me. Even tried restarting chrome

Using chrome on mac.


It would be nice if the GitHub README stated exactly what this extension does, as that is not clear merely from GitHub.


Hello, i've got installed this extension but no changements. No sidebar, no options :c


Yeah, I'm concerned that the "boot up" logic is a little inconsistent, or something is going on when you first install it, perhaps a race condition....

Feel free to try and debug and help us figure out why 🙃


I have installed extension in chrome and got no change.


After submitting the above comment It redirected me to forem.dev/comments and json data is displaying on it.


Where can I get the extension?


Gave it a go in both Edge and Chromium but to no avail. :/ Didn't get any errors printed either 🤔


I am going to give this a whirl tomorrow 🤓


Only in Firefox when trying to get it to work, but no success yet.


I installed it a few days ago, it's cool


I'm using it on the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge, at it works great!


I installed it... but I'm primarily a Firefox user, so I haven't been making much use of the browser at the moment :P