Changes made to forem browser extension.

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Several PRs have been merged coming out of discussions here, and the extension should be more usable than ever...

Everyone can download the latest again.

Shout out to @rafi993 and @link2twenty for key PRs, and everyone who has weighed in to quickly get this working well. 🌱

How about one more cycle of "what's still broken?" shall we?


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Glad I could help. I think it was working anyway, it just required a few refreshes of the page before it was able to display anything 😁.

You're welcome


Working great for me in Chrome! Planning to support Firefox?


Yup! There’s an issue open for supporting Firefox.

Enable Firefox compatability #2

Currently this extension speaks with Chrome storage, and otherwise isn't Chrome-specific as far as I know.

Creating an abstraction over the storage layer in order to make this functional in firefox seems like a good idea πŸ˜„.


Amazing! I'm gonna try it out again. Thank you @rafi993 & @link2twenty !


Glad I could help (It was mostly @link2twenty who did the crash fix). Thank you @ben for the awesome Forem.


Don't sell yourself short your investigatory skills were invaluable 😊


Better than ever, yesterday I had it crash when I visited letsbuild.gg where I don't have an account but doing the same today didn't make it do so!