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Deprecation: Removing "Events"

Update: The removal of events has now been merged into main. It will be deployed to Forem Cloud next week and self-hosters will get the change when they update. Since this feature is essentially not used by any Forems we know about and clearly never "finished", we prioritized the swift removal so that we didn't risk it achieving further adoption if we knew it was going to be removed.

Hey folks, just a notice that we will be moving the "events" functionality from Forem. It was never entirely fleshed out and we have better places to put similar functionality.

If you weren't sure what events are, every Forem has an events page where you could schedule community events.

Admins can fully replicate existing functionality of events via pages and/or in combination with display ads to promote them or use listings to allow community members to post events. So we are not technically removing any functionality that currently exists. This will allow us to invest more in pages, etc. so that you can create custom experiences, like what we do with CodeLand.

There are tradeoffs with general vs specialized functionality, and it is very possible that specialized events functionality makes its way in as a plug-in again in the future. In the meantime it was not providing much value for anyone.

Here is the draft PR if you want to follow along:

✂✂✂ Remove events #15062

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Since this is seldom-used functionality we will not wait very long before the removal. If you want help replicating events in pages and/or listings, leave a comment with questions and we can elaborate.

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