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Forem "meta tags" have just shipped....

Add forem meta tags #10747

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This PR creates more explicit machine-consumable meta tags that can be used within the forem ecosystem to make things explicitly known about a Forem's information and preferences

These tags can be used by a browser or extension to know that it is on a Forem page. This could allow an extension to prompt the user to add the page they are on to their sidebar. This is meant to remove the need for a centralized list of forems that meet the criteria to be used with the extension. We may want to look for additional cues to ensure a forem is compatible with being added.

A hypothetical future tag could be forem:listed to dictate whether it would want to be listed in public forem directories or not.

<meta property="forem:name" content="<%= community_name %>" />
<meta property="forem:logo" content="<%= optimized_image_url(SiteConfig.logo_png, width: 512, fetch_format: "png") %>" />
<meta property="forem:domain" content="<%= SiteConfig.app_domain %>" />
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The first use of these tags will be ingestion by the browser extension to detect and add arbitrary forems.

These will be used to communicate to any crawlers etc. what the intensions are for this forem in the broader ecosystem. One such request would be why/how it is "listed" in Forem directories. I may want a Forem to be "off the grid" or perhaps not crawled in any forem-wide search engines, etc.

The Forem ecosystem is a specialized section of the world wide web, so leveraging and creating our own communication tools which borrow from typical patterns makes sense to me.

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