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Feature Request: Paste Image

In many community platforms, it is possible to paste in an image.

This greatly reduces friction as it takes 1-second to add any image by copying & pasting.

Example: I was writing a comment and I wanted to add an image as an explanation. I tried to paste in the image via CTRL+V shortcut.

When it didn't allow me to do that, I got lazy and almost decided not to upload the image --> because I would first have to Save As to my local drive and then upload it into forem. That is an added 10 seconds of work that many users might be too lazy to do. Over 1 million user hours, I am sure it starts making a significant difference in engagement / posting images.

Discussion (4)

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Christina Gorton

You can drag and drop images it that helps.
That is what I usually do so I don't have to upload the image.

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Ben Halpern

This probably works similar to drag and drop. I wonder if we can open this up as a community issue?

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Andy Author

Ahh good to know, but I'm not sure the average user would know that. I certainly didn't! 😁

It's a step in the right direction. But drag and drop still requires you to have the file saved on local drive vs. for example copying an image from WhatsApp or online and pasting directly into forem.

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Ella Ang (she/her/elle)

If you have the image URL online, you can link to that directly by copy and pasting the URL into the image markdown without needing to upload it to the Forem. e.g.

left to right: Ji So-Yun, Melanie Leupolz, Alexia Putellas