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Feature Request: More Comment Previews on Home page

On the home page feed, once in a blue moon, I see a post that has a comment preview attached to it (see screenshot). This is just great, and I want to know if it can show up more often?

This is such a wonderful UX to be able to see 1-2 comments attached to the post, right on the homepage feed --> it saves the user time and gives a quick preview of the already existing discussion. Within those 5 seconds, I as a reader can then decide if the existing conversation interests me and if I want to click through and read more or reply.

Otherwise, if no comments show on the homepage, then the user has to click through on each card in order to just see if there is an interesting conversation going on.

Again, I will point to Facebook and Linkedin as the gold standard for community engagement / posting, and there is probably a tried-and-tested reason why they show some comments on the homefeed rather than just the post alone.

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Ben Halpern

Can this show up more?

Yes! This shows up for comments that pass a certain threshold for "score", and whatever "certain" is could probably be admin-adjustable.

But we also may want to shift the logic here.

I think part of the reason we haven't leaned in harder here is that the ultimate design for this feature was somewhat of a compromise from our ideal in order to make it work and we never revisited entirely. @pp if you'd want to discuss this a bit more, I'd love to.

I feel like technically this is very achievable, but it would be best to take it on with a fresh approach to the nuance of getting it right.