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Posts scrolling - usability feature

A user scrolls down the posts on home page.. clicks on a post for example the 50th post.. reads it and clicks back to navigate to the home page.

If the home page is displayed in the state as scrolled down to the 50th post for that user.. it would be a great user experience.

I am testing this on but I am getting mixed results and could not get to understand whether this feature is not implemented or implemented but not effectively working always or implemented but broken later or if it's partially implemented.

Could someone please throw some light on this? Thanks.

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I also just tested this. When you have not scrolled down a whole lot, the feature seems to work correctly but if you scroll far down enough on the feed and click on a post and then click to go back, you are not excactly where you left off. I agree that users might be confused and find this to be a poor navigation experience. I had not picked this up before so good eye @9comindia

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Hi @ben requesting your opinion on this. Would you consider this a serious enough issue for any possible fix in the near future? Thanks.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @9comindia in general, the best way to get something picked up by Forem's Product & Eng team is to post a bug report (If you think it's not working as you'd expect it to) or beginning a GitHub discussion for a new or upgraded feature.

@coffeecraftcode explains more about how GitHub discussions are used in this post. Hope this helps!