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Do we require social registration to prevent abuse?

Requiring social registration to prevent misuse might had been the right thing when you guys started initially.

But, now?

If I want forem to build my own social network, I would like my own forem login for my users instead of driving them away because they never had a twitter or a github account.

Note: I was a software tester
and I have been in the software field for about 15 years. I still don't have a twitter account and I signed up to github recently only to login to

Let's just Think about other non-technical users. If I spin up an instance of forem with out native login option or atleast a Google login option, who will use it?

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Ben Halpern

Yup, we're definitely expanding beyond GitHub and Twitter.

Going more broadly with email should be paired with some new tooling, and possibly a state where users need to be approved, but it will depend on the forem I'd think.

What we don't want is to enable an attack vector where bot networks or other kinds of spammers can hit all forems due to the consistency of attack vector if the software becomes popular enough.

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I think Forem cannot set a foot in India with the current login options. (For non-developer communities)

Having Facebook login or Gmail login would improve the chances of usage.

But, still many people may not be ready to enter their other social network or Gmail credentials inside the webview of an android app, where the users cannot actually see the url redirect.

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Do you think the β€˜request an invite’ option helps in this scenario or the ability for community members to invite other community members? Both avoid social altogether...

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Alexis Moody

Big +1 on this issue, my community (International Quidditch Association), is looking to bring people in from all sorts of backgrounds and are actively trying to remove ties to other social medias. Email or phone number is probably the most common tool members of my community have. That said we could potentially have a verification system in place with our internal systems, or maybe even an invitation only approach.