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Corey McCarty
Corey McCarty

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Search within tag

Feature request

Ability to search on a tag.


I was looking for information about management of an organization and couldn't find keywords that would accomplish this easily. If I were able to use tags in search somehow this would make it substantially easier to find the information.

Why is it needed?

Searches on meta information can have tremendous overlap with other tech concepts and make it difficult to find information.

Suggested solution(s)

This can be implemented as "search tagged posts" on the tag page or search bar recognizing tags and refining search results to posts having that tag.

Related issue(s)/PR(s)


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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @xanderyzwich - great suggestion!

I believe that it overlaps with Andy's suggestion, so please feel free to weigh into the existing discussion with your ideas. This helps ensure that your contribution isn't missed by your team when reviewing the conversation.