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Suggestion to improve SEO of the tag page (updated)


Thanks to the developers for the awesome community building engine!

I have several projects that are top in their niche and have experience in SEO. Now I am migration projects to Forem, I found several problems with SEO optimization. There are several suggestions for improving SEO.

Edit meta tags

Tags in the navigation hierarchy are very important. On my projects, tags/categories always got into the search for high-frequency queries and brought in a lot of traffic. To achieve this, small changes are required in Forem:

Need ability to edit SEO tag information and set a common template for

and . Can make variables for use in the template, for example: {sitename}, {tag-name}, {tag-description}. Then the template for and might look like this:
  • title = {tag-name} Some text | {sitename} (JavaScript is the Programming Language for the Web | MySiteName)

  • description = {tag-description} (Once relegated to the browser as one of the 3 core technologies of the web, JavaScript can now be found almost anywhere you find code. )

Alt Text

Alt Text

Also, it would be cool to make it possible to edit meta tags for articles.

It might look something like this:

Alt Text

Add attribute rel=nofollow

Add to all links in article.

Add to organization Call-to-action link, rel="nofollow".


Add microdata


Article image attributes

Automatically generate alt="" and title="" attributes for images by template if not added manually.

Simple example:

  • alt = [if alt] alt-text [else] post-title [/if]
  • title = [if title] title-text [else] post-title + %n [/if]

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I'd be interested to hear if any SEO updates have been made to enhance indexability in the search engines (Google, Bing, etc).